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Blade Services

Aligning technology with blade expertise to ensure integrity across the lifetime of an asset


Swire Renewable Energy offers an end-to-end blade service, moving beyond blade inspections to continuous, comprehensive asset management - fusing powerful technology with blade expertise to optimise O&M.

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Autonomous drone blade inspections

Collect robust, reliable and repeatable data from your wind turbine blades with our autonomous drone inspection solution.

Combining expert drone technology and intuitive software, you will gain full visibility of the condition of your blades - enabling you to effectively prioritise maintenance and repairs, and minimise downtime.


Blade service and maintenance

Fully functional blades are pivotal to uphold performance. Identifying the most frequent causes to damage repair and servicing those areas, can prevent eventual operation stops. Swire Renewable Energy, services all critical blade findings, and if the damage is already progressing, we ensure a professional and fast repair to minimise your loss of revenue.

Our team can also conduct ongoing preventative maintenance for your wind turbine blades, to not only increase uptime and enhance performance, but ultimately extend the life of your blades.

The Swire Renewable Energy blade service and maintenance packages can be tailored to individual customer requirements.

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Leading edge repair

Eroded leading edges will reduce the aerodynamic efficiency of your turbine blades, and research indicates that this erosion may affect annual energy production in a negative way if left unattended.

Performing a safe and successful leading-edge campaign requires experience and knowhow. Through our involvement in previous projects, the Swire team has gained hands-on experience with leading edge repair both on and offshore. With a proven track record, our technicians, projects managers and back-office have all procedures and documentation in place to perform a safe and efficient leading edge upgrade campaign. Our solutions include:

  • Skilled rope access and blade technicians
  • Inspection to determine current blade status
  • Repair of surface and fibre damages
  • Presenting various leading edge protection solutions
  • Leading edge protection consulting
  • Full LEP project solution
  • Project documentation
Blade inspection

Full repair service for your blades

In addition to leading edge repair, the Swire Renewable Energy team are highly experienced with other types of blade repair, such as:

  • Lightening damage repairs
  • Laminate repairs
  • Bonding repairs
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Special blade tasks

In rare cases, turbine park owners might experience the need for an extensive retrofit campaign, blade monitoring upgrade or blade replacement. In situations like this, Swire Renewable Energy offers technical guidance, project planning, operational planning, and execution to meet budget and expectations. A great deal of work can be done on site and up tower; however, some damages can be so critical that a blade exchange is needed.

Swire Renewable Energy also offers support to handle decommissioning of blades offshore and onshore.

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End of warranty inspection campaigns

Detect deficiencies or failures of critical components before the end of your warranty period, and ensure repairs or replacements are actioned in a timely manner.

Our team can help you identify defects, and provide you with detailed reports on our findings.

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Claus Rødsgaard

Senior Commercial Manager, Blade Services

“A wind turbine blade is not only an iconic feature of a wind turbine, but also a main component that is exposed to severe wear and tear throughout the turbine's lifetime. With blade service delivered by Swire Renewable Energy, the blade assets get the best condition-based maintenance and inspection, supported by service history tracking from BladeInsight, infield tested service materials, experienced blade technicians and a truly global presence."

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Claus Rødsgaard

Senior Commercial Manager, Blade Services +45 53 83 03 53 claus.roedsgaard@swire-re.com

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