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Onshore Asset Management

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Swire Renewable Energy is the market leader in operating responsibility for high voltage installations in connection with wind turbines and solar cells.

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Experienced operating partner

With over 20 years’ experience with medium and high voltage solutions within the energy industry, Swire Renewable Energy is a Danish Safety Technology Authority (Sikkerhedsstyrelsen) approved high voltage installation operator. A recognised market leader in Denmark, we have the daily responsibility for more than 700 wind turbines and solar installations in Denmark and are a subcontractor to several other providers of operator agreements.

Our technicians are always up to date with the latest courses and certificates, and continuously undergo further education to continue to be leaders in their field. Should errors or deficiencies be detected in connection with the inspection, our specialist team is able to troubleshoot majority of these cases immediately. This means fewer suppliers and less loss of production time at your plant.
Solar solutions

Substation project partner

For onshore wind and solar projects, Swire offers full project management - taking on complete projects, including design, engineering and infrastructure to installation and final commissioning of the station.

Our ability to deliver a wide range of services in-house ensures direct project management and optimal value for money. Our clients benefit from projects that are delivered on time and within budget, always including a comprehensive handover package.
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Asset management

  • Inspection in accordance with latest local statutory regulation

  • Applications and notifications to relevant authorities and network companies

  • Visual assessment of areas around the facility (fouling, access, rodent attacks etc)

  • Wind turbine is stopped. System is de-energised and grounded

  • Individual component inspections according to checklist

  • Torque control of joints exposed to heat generation

  • Measurement of transition resistance on earthing system

  • Necessary cleaning to ensure operations

  • Thermography photos of necessary or requested

  • Post inspection reports

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Facility inspection service

A service agreement with Swire Renewable Energy will ensure statutory inspections are carried out at minimum intervals in accordance with legislation. Depending on the size of the facility, these intervals are every or every other year. Contact us to find out more about specific requirements regarding your facility.

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Why choose Swire

  • Market leader with 20+ years of medium and high voltage experience
  • Emergency response in case of breakdowns or unforeseen challenges
  • Single point of contact
  • Highly skilled technicians
Esben Rocatis Nielsen

Esben Rocatis Nielsen

Director, Electrical +45 8758 2851 Esben.Rocatis@swire-re.com

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