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Turbine Services and Maintenance

Maximise performance and extend the life of your wind turbines


Swire Renewable Energy provides specialised solutions to minimise required maintenance and reduce the level of unplanned downtime.

Our team also conducts troubleshooting in an expedient and safe manner, to get turbines generating in the event of an electrical or mechanical failure, thus reducing generation losses for owner operators.

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Preventative and corrective wind turbine maintenance on specific components

Regular maintenance is the key to protecting your assets and their components - enhancing safety, increasing production, minimising downtime and ultimately maximising your ROI. Regular maintenance ensures compliance to manufacturers’ warranties and reduces the risk of component failure.

Our team of highly experienced, fully-certified technicians can develop maintenance strategies and plans tailored to your specific needs, conduct ongoing preventative maintenance, or be deployed for corrective maintenance to ensure the integrity of your wind turbines. Swire Renewable Energy can provide this as an independent service provider, or as supplementary manpower to those delivering maintenance requirements, offering flexibility and responsiveness to optimum effect

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Foundation maintenance

Daily wear and tear in harsh offshore environments can result in marine growth build-up, paint damage from docking vessels and corrosion.

Swire Renewable Energy's specialist teams can efficiently execute a wide range of foundation maintenance using innovative and proven techniques. Our services include:

  • Foundation inspection
  • Corrosion protection for splash zone, internals and topside
  • Paint repair
  • Crane service and repair
  • Safety equipment
  • Balance of plant
  • Removal of marine growth
  • Cathodic protection
  • Mould removal
  • Maintenance and upgrades on topside and in confined space
  • UV protection
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Statutory inspections

Safety inspections and statutory examinations must be carried out in a timely fashion to ensure compliance with the applicable local legislation and industry best practice.

Swire Renewable Energy carries out inspections in accordance with different applicable rules and regulations, manufacturer instructions and best industry practice.

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Mould cleaning

During recent years, Swire has gained comprehensive experience within mould build-up in offshore foundations. Our continuous involvement in large installation projects, means we have first-hand experience with the conditions of mould build-up and mould cleaning in transition piece (TP) and tower sections.

Swire uses acknowledged swipe test methods to determine the type and level of mould contamination. Similar tests are performed following the cleaning campaign. As Found and As Left tests and photo documentation is compiled into a final report for future reference.

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Swire provides competent and flexible manpower solutions with a unique scope of services related to on- and offshore wind energy projects.

Our scope of services ranges from pre-assembly and installation over surface treatment to service and upgrade solutions. In combination, our services ensure that the focus always remains on maintaining the highest possible health and safety levels while reducing overall costs as much as possible.

With a database of more than 1000 well-educated potential candidates, Swire is always prepared to meet our customers’ demands and wishes.

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Gearbox oil exchange services

To optimise your wind turbine’s performance, the gearbox must be regularly maintained with the exchange of the gearbox oil playing a critical role in ensuring continued efficient energy generation.

To exchange the gearbox oil, the old oil is drained from the turbine and replaced with new oil of the proper grade and viscosity. The oil should then be checked periodically to ensure proper lubrication and heat levels which is a service Swire Renewable Energy can also provide.

Other related services include:

  • Exchange of gear oil hoses, pumps, coolers, and valves
  • The analysis of the oil samples taken before and after the oil exchange to document the quality of the lubricant and the completeness and success of the oil exchange performed.
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Scott Goldie

Director of Projects & Delivery

“Our focus is on safe, effective project delivery. We have demonstrable experience in the delivery of all aspects of wind farm construction, testing and commissioning, service and maintenance. Using Swire to deliver your project requirements is a major step towards successful wind farm operations."


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