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A conversation on sustainability and strategy with Andy Moig

Posted 22 Apr 2022

At Swire Renewable Energy we pride ourselves on being forward thinking and looking ahead, which has propelled us to examine how we can collectively strive to reduce our carbon emissions.

In 2020, we created a comprehensive strategy to push us towards an aggressive goal - to fully transition to net-zero emissions by 2030.

At the head of this passionate and progressive team is our Group Sustainability Manager, Andy Moig, who’s identifying opportunities to make a lasting impact for our planet and our organisation.

We asked Andy to share his sustainability story:

What are your goals? What are you striving to achieve in Sustainability?

The change in direction for Swire Renewable Energy is where my role as Group Sustainability Manager came from, companies are under a lot of pressure to become greener now.

In 2019, we were emitting 10,000 tonnes of carbon. I am proud that we’ve created a full strategy to support our ambition of becoming net-zero by 2030. Our target is to reduce our emissions by 65% before 2025. It’s a hard task we’ve set for ourselves.

What has been achieved so far over the 2 years that you’ve been in this role? What are some of your highlights?

Creating a full strategy is something I’m really proud of - over the last two years we managed to reduce the figure by 36% which is very positive.

I would also say receiving full buy-in from the rest of the team has been a highlight as well. There have been great ideas coming from all departments, everyone has been really positive across the board which is fantastic.

It’s been great talking to customers and other organisations. When customers ask us the hard questions about sustainability, we already have the answers and that then encourages them to ask themselves questions on how they can implement more sustainable practices too.

Why is this something you’re so passionate about?

I love solving problems - that’s ultimately why I enjoy this role so much. The key thing for me is taking on the challenge to solve problems on a day to day basis. Another important factor is knowing that I’m making a difference - there’s not a lot of jobs where you can see straight away that you’re helping to create positive changes.

What does 2022 have in store for Swire Renewable Energy’s sustainability ambitions?

We’ve requested investment to install solar panels in Sub-Saharan Africa, which will be a first for those locations. It will mean 100% of electricity is generated through renewable sources! I think that shows how serious we are with respect to implementing this throughout our business.

Our emissions target for 2022 is very aggressive, we’re looking to get down to 6,000 tonnes of carbon which is a really drastic drop. I'm excited about the year ahead.

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